AEG - The Care Label Project


Together with the awesome team at House of Radon, we created The Care Label Project for AEG. They wanted a campaign that would turn today's laundry habits around. The Care Label project was the way for appliance makers, designers and manufacturers to inspire, educate and update the way we all care for clothes.

We created four main short documentaries, four prerolls, teasers and loads of social media assets, as well as an own care label! You can find them all of them here

Agency: House of Radon
Creative Director: David Dworsky
Producers: Johanna Gradin, Kasper Ölander.
Motion Design: Karolin Gu
Design: Carl Ulfstedt, Camilla Uhlén
Editing: Gabrielle Riggir, Anton Norén, Olartia Redondo
Music: Carl Åborg
Production Company: House of Radon