Karolin Gu | Motion Designer & Illustrator
Karolin Gu

Ericsson - IPM Evolution


Ericsson IPM Evolution

This project had so much love throughout the whole process, from everyone part of the journey. Together with the talented team at House of Radon, we wanted to showcase Ericsson's new brand to the world - with a bang. They asked us for an inspiring animation that would show off their new brand and work ethics.

House of radon / 2018


🎬 Behind the scene

📝 Credits

Motion Director: Edin Agovic | Motion Design: Edin Agovic, Karolin Gu & Leo Köhler | Designer: Kalle Lund | Producer: Maja Harladsson | Copywriter: Graham Tucker-Thor | Music: Carl Åborg | Production Company: House of Radon